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Alpha Engines is a reliable and trusted name in the automobile service industry. Our team of mechanics and technicians have decades of experience in the Used Engine and Reconditioned Engine Servicing business. We have qualified and knowledgeable staff who understand new engine technologies as well as past engine technologies that have been used by almost every car manufacturers in their vehicles. Our workshop has worked with and fixed every type of vehicle driven in the UK.

The technicians and mechanics at our workshop have worked on all types of car brands from Audi, VW, Ford, BMW to Mercedes and all other car manufacturers that offer their products in the UK. We have experience with carburetor engines as well as electronic engines so there is no need for clients to worry about their car’s make year. We have exceptional servicing options for vehicles built later than 2004 to 2021 no matter if you have a petrol or diesel engine.

Our team has a total experience of over 20 years and our clients have trust in our resource. Once you are at Alpha Engines you can rest assured that your car is in good hands. The workshop manager on ground will have the best recommendations and options available for your car. The sales advisory team has complete market knowledge, to offer you the best engine and assist in replacement process.

We are specialists in engine replacement and repairs, so you need to understand that changing an engine in your car is an extremely technical service. We need to know why the problem in the engine occurred in the first place to make sure the issue is addressed and the same thing never happens again. This is very important to understand as we have worked on every kind of car and learnt from experience that it is best to get expert help while installing used or reconditioned engines in cars, otherwise the car owner will end up spending useful time, money and energy on their vehicle in disappointment. We use the latest diagnostic machines and our technicians work along with our mechanics to identify the causes of engine failures or damage so they can be rectified and do not occur again.

Alpha Engines is a complete car engine servicing workshop, which means we will manage all aspects of the car’s repair from collecting your car to delivering it back to you after fixing and testing. All you have to do is visit Alphaengines.com fill out our customer form or find your car manufacturer from the list on the website generate a query and a member of our sales team will connect with you to help you out with your car troubles.

While your car is in for a repair at Alpha Engines, you can connect with our workshop manager to help you with any other car maintenance issues that you may have like servicing a clutch or brakes change. Anything that needs repairs or replacement can be managed by the workshop staff, as it will help you save time and our workshop staff will make sure your car is in the best condition after they are done with repairing it. We are very proud of reasonably pricing our services, the client will be billed the same amount as on the time of booking the repair after diagnosis. This means no surprises at the time of delivery and the car will be delivered as promised.

We are a one stop car service centre that specialize in car Engine replacement and installation, all under one roof!

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